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Oasis Vs POF

Oasis Vs POF


Oasis is one of the best dating sites in Australia, it has both website and a dating app.

Creating a profile is very easy, takes only a few minutes.

Once you log in, you go to the Home page where there is an activity box which tells you what’s happening with your profile constantly, whether it be an image you’ve uploaded being approved or whether somebody is looking at your profile.

There is a requests tab on the top of all pages which tells you if somebody has requested to make contact with you. If this is the case, you can view their profile and choose whether or not you would like contact with this person – yes there is an option to say no and they are notified that you have said no, however you can add a reason!!

Another feature of this site is the Matches feature. This simply shows you which people match your Seeking Criteria. You can browse through the profiles and if you see something you like, you send them a request and if they accept, you can start a conversation.

When browsing peoples profiles, you can like their photos in the same way you would like photos on Facebook. You can also send people ‘Flirts’ if you are an upgraded member, rather than requesting contact to show that you’re interested.

One disadvantage of this site is that it’s covered with advertisements popping up all over the place.


Plenty of fish is possibly the most well known free dating site in the world. It is available as an app as well as a website so you can browse whilst on the go!

The site was extremely easy to sign up to, Once the account was created you could fill in more information about yourself and what you were looking for or could save that for later whilst you looked around the site.

POF had a couple of cool features:

Meet Me is a feature in which you see a photograph of somebody within your age and distance range and you simply click yes, no or maybe. If both you and that person have clicked either yes or maybe, you will both be notified of a potential match.

Local is a feature that is used on the POF app. It will show you online users and how close they are to you.

I’m not going to lie to people, there are many fake accounts and a lot of people that aren’t very pleasant towards others – this goes for both men and women!!


Both were very easy to sign up to. None of them took longer than a couple of minutes to set up an account.

In terms of image allowance and quality Oasis wins the race hands down!! With an allowance of 20 images with no need of cropping this is definitely the best at the visual selling of yourself.

POF wins on the features as they have several ways to look for people. Oasis only had one way by entering a search criteria and scrolling through pages and pages filled with people who related slightly to what you wanted.

Users is probably the most important thing in a dating site. If there’s nobody to find, the site is useless. Both Oasis & POF seemed to have a lot of users. As an Australian dating site, Oasis is more popular in Australia, however, being a Canadian dating site, POF is the more popular dating site in Canada.

My Winner:

If I had to pick just one site to join, I would most definitely pick Oasis. I couldn’t find much to complain about with this site, other than the advertising. I felt safe from stalkers with their contact request feature, and as I live in Australia, it is one of the best dating sites in Australia.

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