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Tinder is a dating app , with an online presence for blogs, stories and support.

When it first came on the scene, it was used more as a hook-up or casual sex app, because it finds you potential matches based on their proximity to you, but now almost everyone seems to be on it.  Swipe right to like a potential match or swipe left to reject him/her.

Recently, Tinder has integrated Instagram allowing users to see 34 most recent photos from your potential date on their Instagram account allowing a better idea whether you are right for each other. A new algorithm shows you matches you might have swiped right on based on your previous swipes.


It’s not even necessary to write out a profile as the Tinder profile is populated by text from your Facebook profile.

It’s a simplistic and genius idea platform for dating. You’re presented with picture after picture of potential mates.  As shown in the image above, swipe the screen left to discard the match and swipe screen right to indicate to that match you are interested in him/her.

You can only get messages from people you’re interests in, and no messages from people you don’t want to talk to.

Swipes on Tinder are anonymous so you’ll never feel rejected.


Tinder is not for you if you do not use Facebook. You must have an active Facebook account to begin with.  After you download the app, your Tinder profile will be automatically populated with profile photos from your Facebook account, any of which you have the option to delete.  You may also upload photos that are not in your Facebook profile.

Not quite a dating site in the traditional sense of the word. If you are not looking for a quite hookup then Tinder is not for you. Tinder is designed as a conventional online dating site, where men and women, men and men, or women and women get together for the purpose of a relationship lasting more than one night.

Our Verdict

Tinder is all about how hot you are. So you need to present your absolute hottest picture of yourself. Tinder is also all about quantity over quality. Are you over 55 years old?  Forget about Tinder.  Their age range settings don’t even go past 55.  In fact, the age sweet spot tends to be about 24 years old.

In short, Tinder is for the young and for the ones seeking one-night stands. However, if you are anywhere over 30, you are best to choose another app. Since the app is free and not much work is involved, it doesn’t hurt to try it out.  But don’t be surprised if you’re disappointed.


Dating Site Reveiws

Online dating is more popular than ever, with dating sites and dating apps popping up almost on weekly basis. It’s fast over taking every other form of match making. Online dating has become the number one choice as a medium to look for potential partners.Dating site reviews is your guide to the world’s most popular online dating websites and services.